Atrium LTS

We are dedicated to providing exceptional tools and processes to transform the delivery of corporate legal services.

As an entrepreneur who founded 6 companies, invested in 71 and advised hundreds through Y Combinator, I spent millions of dollars and became an involuntary ‘power user’ of corporate legal services, yet I remained discontent.

The companies around us promise customers innovation and efficiency. The law firms that serve them ought to promise the same. My founding team is ready to break down the barriers that have been keeping this $96 billion industry from adopting innovations in business and technology. We want to build the legal technology of the future to automate repetitive, low-value work and allow firms to deliver speed, transparency and cost certainty to their clients.

Justin Kan

Revolutionizing Legal Services

Gone are the days of expensive legal staff collecting, copying and pasting signature blocks and charging companies for time spent on administrative tasks. The companies in our community deserve the level of innovation and efficiency that they promise their customers.

Join our talented team of serial entrepreneurs, engineers, and lawyers to deliver on that promise.